Visit the crafted world of Maka – A day long experience of fun & froth

One of the most enduring and loved experiences in the country sides of Europe and the USA, is a visit to the ‘local’, the pub that is, and when that village also has a brewery, the experience is high.

The charm of the countrysides in Europe and the USA is matched by ours in the foothills of the western-ghats in Latambarcem in North East Goa, the home of Maka, brewed at the quaint brew-house of Latambarcem brewers.

And a trip to The Village Brew House brewing truly international craft beers is a day-long fun and froth experience.

maka di brewery tour


There is no better way to explore the universe of craft beer than to visit the Maka planet. The brewery tour gets you up close and personal with the makers of Maka and to the beer itself. You can see the tools, the instruments and the machinery that goes into the making of beer, go back in time to learn about beer processes from our brewmasters and of course, enjoy Maka beer, fresh from the tap or bottled.


beer pongAnd for those who just want to enjoy Maka in home surroundings with friends for company and games to lift your spirits, it’s all there for the asking. Simply chose what works and add it to your entry package.



But irrespective of what you would like from the buffet of offers, we are sure you’ll experience the present and the future of craft beer making in India, in the scenic countryside of Latambarcem, on the foothills of the western ghats.


To have your personalised experience of fun and froth at our crafted world of Maka, book online on our website or email us.

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