The Art of Craft : Craft Beer Revolution in India!

Whether you end your day with an ice-cold Corona or reach for a bourbon barrel-aged stout, if you’ve cracked a beer anytime in the last several years, you’ve probably noticed a surge in the number of alternatives to macro-brews. Those choices make up a category called “craft beer.”

For years, beer consumers in India have been served mass-produced brews that they acknowledged for lack of choices. The craft beer storm has been brewing in India for a while now and it’s safe to say that we are within the golden age of beer.

Currently the young entrepreneurs in the country have taken up the road less travelled to expose the gravity of craft beers. The endeavor is to serve quality brews at competitive costs, which would in turn help them build a larger following of craft brew lovers.

Since ages people have been consuming lagers as a standard form of beer for unwinding after a long day after work.  Beer industry in India has witnessed a fundamental change over the last decade in terms of people experimenting with finely crafted brews which have an eccentric taste in terms of their ingredients and aroma.

Craft beers are driven by the quality of the product, which in turn calls out a major chunk of the youth of India, as the target audience. The Gen Z’s want nothing but less than a handful of options for everything they seem to be intrigued towards. And craft brews hit the nail right in the coffin!

Looks like the brewers in the country have their priorities in place when it comes to providing the customers an experience where they get a product which is brewed locally, but is at par with craft beers across the world!