Maka on Tap

Tap into yet another way of enjoying Maka!

True to its leitmotif, Maka is continuing its voyage of discovery breaking new ground. As 2020 gave way to 2021, bringing hope and relief to people and businesses, Maka forayed into enhancing the Maka drinking experience of its consumers by offering Maka on tap to select outlets who prefer to keep beer in kegerators.

Maka on TapWe now offer kegerators, kegs and the full complement of the tap system. Pizza Delizia one of the most popular restaurants in North Goa, was one of the first places to offer Maka on tap. Co-founder and Chief Production officer, Anish Varshnei, speaking to The Village Brew on putting Maka on tap said, “It was almost a natural decision. The bulk of our production will be in bottles for now and cans later, but we will also offer fresh Maka in kegs to restaurants and pubs which can store kegerators.”

However, he added that the core of this experience lies in making good craft beer itself. “Our goal is to bring to India & the world true to kind craft beers, curated by the finest internationally trained brewers with cutting-edge, first of its kind technology. Our brewery is fully equipped for the seamless automated process of manufacturing beer with zero room for human error. We use a contemporary technique of craft brewing with the help of modern equipment to give an innovative twist to all the traditional styles of beer”

Thus, whether it’s bottles cans or on tap, it’s Maka all the way. The way you like it.

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