Goa & Maka- The essence of your “me” time, across several lifetimes

The ebb and flow of the tides are dateless. Stretching back thousands of years, across eras and generations and time itself. Goa has lived by the sea and off it. Goans have lived for it, benchmarking their existence, their pace and flow of life to this constant backdrop.

The relationship between those who have spent their lifetimes here across timespans and their land is symbiotic. Lifetimes that lend to spending time with yourself and letting the vibe of Goa be a part of your life’s journey – beautiful, calm, personal. Goa is you and you are Goa. And life in Goa is your “me” time. If you pause and think about this for a moment, you will figure that this has never changed, as long as you or generations before you remember.

Something else hasn’t changed either. The spirit of discovery in Goa. And it’s not just about places or little spots in the gorgeous landscape. It’s about discovering you. Across lifespans.

Goa talks to you each day!


Goa talks to you each day. In the way you live, party, eat drink and work. Each is a lived experience, and in many ways uniquely Goan.

Food and drink have been one constant in the Goa way of life. Goa’s cuisine and its local beverages are a part of its culture and history. Celebrations, on the streets, or at homes, are always carnival-like, infused with copious amounts of spirit.

Feni has been an ambassador but beer has been a companion!

Here we always raise a glass and that kickstarts the party. Of life. Feni has for sure been Goa’s ambassador and cashew-based drinks have given Goa recognition and a badge of honour in the beverage world. But it is a beer that has been the buddy of long lunches, the days on the beach, the revelry in the shacks and ponds, at weddings and festivals, at family get-togethers and most importantly when you are on your own.

It’s had its fair share of beers but it hasn’t quite had THE local beer, known universally, identified with a town or a country. Trying out local beer has always been part of travel and to-do lists. Many are a part of local folklore, often exported all over the world for those who have tried it and for the people from the land of the beer’s origin who live in other places.

Maka is just that. Meaning “me” in Konkani, it connects you to Goa and the world. Conceived and created in Latambarcem Breweries named after the village cluster where it is situated, Maka is fully Goan. And yet it is fully global.

With four unique craft beer styles and the first of many experimental beers brewed in a fully automated state of the art brewery, with ingredients sourced from unique places across the world and parts of India, Maka is Goa’s complete international beer with four variants, The Bavarian Keller, the Belgian Blanche, the Honey Ale and the Belgian Tripel.

And yet each of Maka’s beer styles are unique and becoming a part of the Goan experience, paired with local food and offered in taverns and bars in villages.

As we wait for Goa to return to what it once was, Maka is preparing itself for the return to the old times.

And it is always a good idea to crack open your local beer, at all times.

So for those in Goa, grab your local beer. Open your Maka.

And come to think of it, where else would you rather be, when you are with yourself. Maka is ‘me’. A beer that’s all about you.

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