Craft-manship at work

“Decoding craft beer and why it’s about innovation and not the size”

Craft beer is exactly what the name suggests. It about ideation and innovation. It about being bespoke. Craft does not mean small or minuscule or limited. In fact, the spirit of craft is to the contrary. It’s about limitless possibilities. And that is what Makadi hopes to do. Traverse the path of unlimited possibilities.

Craft follows one non-negotiable rule- here quality is paramount even as new recipes, not hitherto created, are introduced. Craft is defined by the amount of Research and Development done, the quality of ingredients i.e grains, oranges and honey.

Craft, therefore, is not about size, but the method of production. Maka is therefore not brewed in a micro-brewery but brewed in small batches in a full scale one, which has a capacity to manufacture 10,000 cases

We call our self “true craft” because of our methods and the fact that all our beer comes out of one facility. It has the following dimensions

1) Craft is about the style of beer making, not size. The craft can be made on a commercial scale

  • Different variants cater to myriad taste profiles.
  • Fully automated equipment allows experimentation and innovation
  • Like any hand- making profession, beverage craft industry can be defined as the best use of available equipment to make new products according to the special needs of customers or the free will of the craftsman. This skill takes more time and imagination. We call this skilled craftsmanship where there are no boundaries to innovation.